English for children

Levels of difficulty like in school

Simple application for learning English

Children from 5 years old can learn English words! Logically designed interface greatly simplifies passage of lessons and pleasure from the English lessons.

Parental control

The application “English for children. Neya.” runs at the scheduled time and block other applications and games for as long as the child does not fulfill the task for the day. Volume jobs, as well as its level of difficulty is set by parents.

Free Download

Learn the English words for free! Free download, install free too, transitions between the levels of free, all free of charge. In addition, no annoying advertising and additional payments.

English dictionary

The application “English for Children” laid 2,000 words. The vocabulary is close to the school curriculum, and is distributed through the levels.

The content of lessons

All words, provided the curriculum, the child learns himself, with the help of colorful images, audio, and support tasks to test “pronunciation of English words”, “listening”, “read the words”, “spelling of English words.”

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