English for Beginners

Easy App for learning words.

This application is dedicated to all who are beginning to learn English, who want to expand their knowledge of English words, who wants to practice their pronunciation and spelling.
Fill in the gaps in your knowledge, effectively not tiring … and free.

Pronunciation performed correctly in the application. In fact, very easy exercise, you say the word which you see in the picture, and the application compares your pronunciation with analogue built-in into the program.


2000 words and phrases voiced by a native speaker. Listen to the word and then select a suitable image to the word. Illustrations are definitively matched to the words and intuitive.

Read the words

We suggest learning to read words. You look at a picture and listen how to pronounce word, then select a word in a number of the suggested words. It is easiest way to remember the word and learn to read it.

Spelling of English words

Quite difficult exercise but we will cope with it. Last test, you have remembered  few words, and remember how they are written. You need to type the word from the suggested letters.

Without internet connection. Without advertising.

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