Our goal is creation of a healthy interest of pupils for lessons at school, an extension of the educational process capability.

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Intuitive interface makes it easy to use the application. Learn English with pleasure.

LEARN 2000 words

The levels of difficulty based on the curriculum of learning English. Repeat school course and you can talk in English

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The app is suitable for different age groups, ranging from 5 years old.

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The app is completely free, no hidden charges no subscription. You can learn on it for many years

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You do not need an internet connection. You can learn English words on the trip or on the way to work

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The application is completely absent advertising banners. Studying English you will have no distractions.

Featured Apps

English for children. Neya
It allows parents to teach the student to the daily English lessons. Parental control.
English for beginners. Neya.
The application for beginners learning English. 2000 words by frequency of use.


We are looking for partners for the implementation of educational projects in one or more countries. We have extensive experience in the development of computer and mobile learning programs, it is time to share this experience.

For cooperation, please contact us on e-mail plus1s58@gmail.com

Мобильное приложение Neya English 1-10 класс

По школьной программе, блокирует устройство пока не пройден урок (родительский контроль)

КУПИТЬ за 39 грн.
Английский для компьютера 1-7 класс

Дополнение к 15 учебникам, игры доступны только после урока, 8 видов тестирования

КУПИТЬ за 39 грн.
Все предметы 1-5 класс

6 основных предметов по школьной программе плюс 3 дополнительных курса. 1000 игр на выбор доступны только после прохождения урока.

КУПИТЬ ВСЕ за 70 грн.
Код активации 3 программ

Значительная экономия бюджета.

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